The Web is all about connections. The connections you make will energize your creativity!

Connecting in Social Media circles is mostly done through social networking.
If you connect to others online you are using a Social Networking Site (SNS). A SNS is formed by a few initial people invite others until an online community grows. When you join a community you will usually be asked to create a profile that gives other community members some information about yourself. When adding information about yourself, there are privacy issues you need to think about. We will explore privacy in detail, first let's explore what social networking is all about.

Here is a video that explains Social Networking - take a look. Social Networking in Plain English by

So how do you start? Well you may already being a member of a social network. Do you use Facebook, MXit, Ning, or NaijaBorn? Each of these are types of social networks. Take a look at some popular social networks used across Africa at Online Africa.

Are you wanting to Friend or Follow - take a look at how to choose the right social media tools for you.