Social Media can help you create various kinds of content including text, videos, images, maps and other related media. And tech tools in general are powerful tools to leverage when designing.


Mobile Applications

Gaming is not only popular entertainment, but is becoming a powerful learning tool. Read more about Mark Kaigwa, a Kenyan writer who with a Nairobi-based Warner Bros initiative worked to create an action-packed computer game, “Pamoja Mtaani” (“Together in the ‘hood”), to teach young people in Africa about safe sex. See the video on YouTube .

Online Business - Ida Horner of Ethnic Supplies uses a variety of tools to manage and promote her online business. Check out the interview with her to learn more about the tools she uses.

Videos (YouTube, Zoopy, View Naija, Vimeo )
Read our interview with aspiring filmmaker Tendai Sean Joe.

Mashups - You are probably familiar with the term remix - well mashups are a similar concept. Mashups are what you get when you combine data from more than one source to create an application for the Web or for a mobile.

Collaborative effort by Kenyan youth to create free open source map using GPS devices and OpenStreetMap software. -

Graphics (GimpInkscape Adobe Creative Suiteare a few tools but find more info here: graphic design tools)
Read about the graphic design tools Lulu Kitololo uses. Or read our full interview with Lulu Kitololo about learn more about her start in design. Lulu is Founder of Afri-love and Creative Director of Asilia.
Also, to get you started, take a look at the list of 2010 African Digital Artists to Watch For on African Digital Art.
Or check out Kigali's signs and storefront designs on osmosisfutzing's blog for more inspiration.

Creating for today often means using a data set - whether the data is crowdsourced, gathered via a web form, or collected in a traditional survey. We will explore a variety of ways to create and share sets of data.

**Innovative Tech Solutions**
Read how people are using technology to create innovative solutions to local problems.