Learning to use technology can be an exciting path as you think about your future.
"I got interested while I was in high school…the very first time I saw a computer I really wanted to know how it worked, it fascinated me that someone could press a few keys and there you have something on the screen. I‪t was a challenge that was too enticing to ignore‬." Shikoh Gitau Read our full interview with Shikoh.

  • Personal Learning Environments (PLEs) - what tools & people do learn with and from?
  • Social Bookmarking Tools (Diigo, Delicious)
  • Open Educational Resources (OER Africa, Health OER Africa OER Commons) - open access online courses for your lifelong, personal learning. Check out the Khan Academy where you will video lessons on just about any topic you are wanting to learn http://www.khanacademy.org
  • Learning through Game Development
  • OpenICDL
  • Online Learning

Digital Literacy Camps

These are learning forums organized with the aim of teaching the youth on the various forms of available ICT products and how they are able to enrich their lives and have positive contributions to their community's development.
These learning forums form part of the Kuyu Project's main form of interaction with students from various walks of life and therefore enable Kuyu to effectively empower students.

Read about The Kuyu Project's Mwiruti High School Digital Literacy Camp – Details and Case Study

International Computer Driving License

If you're just beginning in computing, a good place to start would be the basics.

The ICDL gives a basic outline of this using open source technologies. http://www.icdlus.com