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The Kuyu Project (website) is a digital literacy initiative aimed at teaching African high school students how to use social media to make a positive impact in their own communities.

Social Media are internet and mobile-based tools that allow you to do any of the following activities online:


Various social media tools on the internet allow you to create many different kinds of content and put them on the internet for people to see. The various types of content you can create on the internet include text, videos, pictures and other forms.

This allows you to tell your stories in a unique and personalized way.

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Social media also allows you to form relationships and create networks with people from various places who have similar interests, activities and objectives as you.

Connections through social media allows you to find people with similar interests as yours and work with them to achieve a certain objective.
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One of the best ways to accomplish something is to work with people rather than do it alone. Certain social media tools allow you to collaborate with different people to achieve a common objective.

Collaboration allows you to work with different people with different skills and resources regardless of geographical position to achieve a certain objective.

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Many social media tools allow you to learn various material. There are many ways of achieving this including self-taught learning and mentoring.

The benefit of using social media in learning is that it helps you gain critical information skills and access to a wide range of sources and material related to what you are reading.

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Sharing ideas, information and other types of content is one way to spread the word about the things you are passionate about. Many social media tools and techniques allow you to accomplish this.

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