Amani Channel (@urbanreporter) of My Urban Report shares how you can create a video interview using Skype (used with permission)

I’ve been thinking about using **Skype** to record video interviews for sometime now, but only recently decided to try to do so.
If you’re just hearing about **Skype**, it’s a service that allows you to make voice and video calls via the Internet (it is free too). I use it every now and then, and it can be used to produce both audio and video podcasts (**Desiree Scales** used Skype for an audio interview with me not so long ago).
A few days ago my dad (**Charlie Channel**) called me up and asked me if I had Skype. “Of course,” was my response, so yesterday we tested it out. I was about to start an edit session, but got this wild idea to try to record the talk back at my editor’s suite.
So how did I do it?

Here’s the recipe for recording a Skype interview:
2 Webcams
A high speed Internet connection
A Skype account (the interviewer & interviewee)
Screen capture software

First we established our video conference, then I started recording my computer’s desktop using **Screen Flow** which allows you to record the action from your computer. I made sure that the program was set to record both the computer’s audio from the Net (my dad), and the computer’s external mic (me) so that the entire conversation was captured.
I then I enlarged the Skype video screen so that it filled my desktop. The video quality isn’t all that, but it works. Skype is becoming a favorite service by broadcast networks including CNN, and Oprah Winfrey uses it as well. It is much cheaper than booking satellite time for talkback interviews and the quality will surely get better.
I think that Skype has many uses for media relations and journalists. It could save time from actually driving to an interview. Going back to my early days in radio, it reminds me of a phone interview with video. You have to watch the framing, lighting and audio, but with a professional set up, the quality is acceptable for broadcast or the Web.
So how did the interview turn out? Take a look. BTW if you want to Skype me, my user name is Amani Channel.